Saturday, April 2, 2011

March Gardening

While we're taking a break from working on the kitchen, we've been doing a bit of gardeing since spring is here.

This is the butterfly garden by the back porch at the beginning of the year, taken over by weeds.

After Erica spent all day weeding, we found out that most of the plants we had planted last year were still hanging around, fighting the good fight against the encroaching invaders. We also picked up some trellises that were on sale at hobby Lobby.

Mandevilla, Purple Passion Vine, Carolina Jessamine, Red passion Vine, and Cross vine now populate the trellises. We also mulched to hold the weeds off a bit.

Unfortunately, our dogs decided to dig up one of the purple passion vines, but Trey gave us an Aristolochia to replace it.

Fuschia is pretty

Now some pictures of the front yard. I'm not going to talk about them too much, but Erica's been working on moving the hedges and azaleas around. We also picked up some Persian Shields and some other things. Anyways,

The Japanese Maples are also doing very well...

So... as we continue to work, the yard will come even more into focus. This time next year, I'm hoping to have most of the heavy work done, and we can spend our time enjoying all the hard work.


  1. Nice post, babe! -Erica

  2. Good job, you guys! I like what you have done.

  3. Looks like lots of work! I really want to get some trumpet vine and train it to devour our fence. Can't wait to see pictures of mariposas and hummingbirds!